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Following the magic moment when my eyes opened to the sea, I could no longer see, think, live as I did before.
Jacques Yves Cousteau

Mormore e paraghi pescati da noi In our restaurant we only cook what comes from our sea. We are the chefs and all of our dishes are made to order. Fresh fish is very expensive, therefore we ask you to check the prices and base your judgments on quality. While our menu includes all of our specialties, considering the scarce availability of fresh products, certain menu items may not be available on a daily basis. We apologize for this, even if it doesn’t depend on us. We are committed to offering you the best food and drink. By choosing from what’s available and even asking for advice, you’ll be sure to have a wonderful dining experience. Thank you and…buon appetito! The Poggetti family 


A film crew from channel 5 about El Faro / 19.07.2012

A program featuring fishing tourism in our area. A film crew from channel 5 taped an excursion on a fishing boat owned by El Faro restaurant in Marina di Cecina

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